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In a competitive market, having the latest technology or product can give you an edge over the competition and help make you more profitable. With new products and equipment appearing on the hemp scene almost every day, it’s difficult to know which works and which doesn't. You now have the opportunity, as an Industrial Hemp Grower, to make the most of your investment and avoid costly mistakes . 

Pioneers since 1938. Who do you rely on?

Since 1938, TPS Lab has worked side by side with growers and producers from all over the world. In these close relationships we learned our most valuable lessons. We understand that different crops benefit from various methods and practices, but succesful growers know there is one thing that produces better crops, fertility management. Throughout the growing season there are key times that affect the quality and size of a crop's yield. Some growers rely on tradition or experience to determine when and how to manage their fertilization, but the most profitable producers rely on TPS Lab.

HEMPlan™ helps growers of any experience level maximize their inputs and manage their fertilization practices like a pro!

First, we start with the foundation of every hemp grow, the soil. We are one of only a few labs that still use CO2 extraction to test for nutrient availability. This process is very labor intensive but it mimics how roots extract nutrients from the soil and that's why it produces the best data of what nutrients you have available. We combine this raw data with other methods to show you your total nutrient bank. 

Growers now have a complete picture of what nutrients they have at their hemp plants' disposal and what’s in reserve. Our fertility recommendations will show you how to supplement immediate deficiencies and sustainable practice recommendations show you how to unlock tied up nutrient reserves and build on this foundation. 

A commonly overlooked aspect in farming is water quality. HEMPlan™ includes a comprehensive water analysis to give you the information you need to make necessary adjustments to your foliar application practices and fertigation methods.

Imagine how much easier would it be to grow hemp if plants could talk?  

HEMPlan™ uses plant sap testing to do just that, let the plants talk! A plant sap analysis is the best way to see what nutrients your plants are missing. No need to worry if you applied enough or too much fertilizer.  

While a soil test may show adequate levels of potassium, various conditions can cause the plant to be deficient. Plant sap testing gives growers the information they need to manage these situations with in-season fertilization. Plant sap is analyzed every two weeks starting at three weeks from emergence or transplant, up to harvest. HEMPlan™ includes All these tests!

The final critical points of information every grower needs to know are heavy metal contamination and CBD oil concentration.  

HEMPlan™ gives growers an edge over the competition by providing advanced notification of possible heavy metal contamination in their soil and how the plant is responding to fertilization practices.  

A massive benefit of bi-weekly testing is the ability to track rising oil concentrations. Every plant sap test we run checks for oil content in the plant. HEMPlan™ gives the grower immediate feedback on increasing oil levels up to harvest.  

No more guessing what your crops' oil concentration is, now you’ll have that information on a bi-weekly basis!  

The best part is that all this invaluable information comes in an easy to read format that includes nutrient levels and relevant recommendations. We have designed our reports to be more user-friendly and easy to understand.

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Analysis Breakdown

Communication is critical, and there is no more complete and accurate way to understand what your plants are trying to tell you.  


Pre-Plant Soil Test Includes:

  • Macronutrients
  • Micronutrients
  • Trace Elements
  • pH 
  • Electrical Conductivity

  • Solvita® - Soil Microbial Acivity 
  •  % Organic Matter (total & active) 
  • And more!

PLUS a full Heavy Metal Screening. Including Arsenic, Cadmiun, Lead and Mercury!

Pre-Season Comprehensive Water Test Includes:

  • Electrical Conductivity 
  • Total Soluble Salts
  • pH
  • Trace Elements
  • And more!


Bi-weekly sampling begining 3 weeks after emergence or transplant. 

In-Season Plant Tests Include:

Sample Stages -

  • Early Vegetative 
  • Vegetative 
  • Transition  
  • Bloom 
  • Peak Bloom  
  • Ripening  

See your levels of: Nitrate, Posphate, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Boron, Sulfur, Molybdenum, Cobalt, Selenium, Ammonium and Silicon  

PLUS a Full CBD Profile! 

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